Email Marketing

Email Marketing

What email marketing techniques are businesses doing?

Email marketing is a crucial tool for any business. It lets you reach your customers in a way that’s more personal and engaging than traditional methods of advertising like billboards, radio ads, television commercials and the Internet itself. That’s why we’re going over three email marketing techniques businesses are doing right now to earn their return on investment (ROI).

Keep it Real

While it’s great to familiarise the relationship you have with your customers, you have to be careful not to cross the line. To avoid this, we must create personalised messages based on people’s interests and goals. This way, we can send emails that are relevant and bring a higher level of engagement than “standard” promotional campaigns.

Keep it Brief

What email marketing techniques are businesses doing? Using the right subject line is one of the most effective ways to increase the chances of your mail getting opened and read. You can make your subject line as short or long as you want, but remember that it should be relevant to your content. With every single word included in this phrase, your audience will start thinking about what it may contain. Subject lines are also an indication of how serious you are about what you’re sending to your subscribers.

Keep in Touch

One of the most important parts of any email marketing campaign, especially if you’re a local business, is constantly keeping in touch with your customers. You need to learn how to grow your email list and have them come back to you because they’re interested in what you’re doing. And at the same time, you can’t forget about those who unsubscribed and stopped using your website – their loyalty will be crucial for your bottom line in the future.


It’s worth noting that, while email marketing is a powerful tool that will aid your business, it doesn’t work on its own. Your ideas, strategies and creativity should complement it. Having a solid set of marketing principles to work with will help you make the most out of your email campaigns, so don’t be afraid to experiment and try something new next time.

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

What email marketing techniques are businesses doing? Email marketing is a crucial tool for any business. It lets you reach your customers in a way that's more personal and engaging than traditional...

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How We Grew An E-Commerce Store To $110K In 73 days

How We Grew An E-Commerce Store To $110K In 73 days

A case study on sustainable Ads growth

Growing an e-commerce business is no easy task. It’s more than just picking a product, setting up a website and advertising. To make growth sustainable you have to first have a strategy and systems in place to support your growth. 

 This includes considering who your customers are, how you’re going to reach them and what your logistical plan is. Having a good support system in place is a fundamental step in ensuring that your brand maintains a good reputation. Just as any small business has to support customer enquiries, complaints, returns and reviews, any successful e-commerce store has to ensure that they’re omnipresent. Advertising is just one part of the puzzle here.

 As your store grows, you have to consider how your customers get in touch with you, what happens if you have to make a return, and how do you manage your customer relationships. There are a number of platforms that can manage this but the most important thing is getting back to them in a timely manner.

 With the proper support structure around you, there are almost no limits to your success online. Having an online store is like building a community, it takes time, patience and resilience to succeed. 

 It is important to have your automated email flows set up to thank people for their purchases for forms and campaigns and they are personalised to keep in touch with your customers. 

 When it comes to your social presence, using a mix of live and automated content is extremely helpful. Engaging regularly with your audience goes a long way to making them feel like a community.


Social Media Presence 

For your Instagram and Facebook posts, we suggest setting up a Facebook Business account. This handy tool lets you post across Facebook and on Instagram at the same time. Using the Facebook Business Suite, you can manage your comments, messages, posts, ads and your Facebook & Instagram Stores. 

 Helping your community of dedicated return customers grow is vital to sustainable growth online. Working with our clients, we’re able to create and foster engaged and loyal communities. 

 Posting about your business, giving regular product updates and offering loyal customers bonus discounts and advantages are all great ways you can help your business grow online. In this case, we used regular product updates and releases to build organic hype about the brand. By then pairing this audience with advertising targeting organic growth, we were able to create a highly engaged community of return customers. For this client, return customers make up to 20% of all weekly user visits. However, when we look at the revenue figures, these users consistently account for up to 50% of their weekly earnings.

New Customer Acquisition 

With this in mind, you can’t forget about new customer acquisition. This is where advertising comes in. Running Ads is a tricky balance between creating sales directed content and writing content that inspires people to learn more about your business. As tempting as it is to target ads towards sales, advertising is as much about telling your story as it is directing a customer to a sale. When you run ads you’re trying to find the right approach for your audience at the right time. 

 At times, you’re just going for a sales focus, at others you’re focused on telling your story, at other times, it’s a mix of both. There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to ads. You have to measure your successes and be prepared to lose. Without failing, you can’t learn what to do better next time. By implementing a strict A/B testing regime, we’re able to optimise our ads for any given audience. This gives us the greatest chance of success. 

 The key thing with ads is to be patient. It’s unlikely to be an instant success. When we’re growing a client’s account we take a carefully measured approach to reaching their goals. By using what the data tells us, we’re able to grow with a level of certainty.

How Did We Do It?

 So how did we take our client from 0 to $115K in 73 days? By taking our time to test our messages, strategy and audiences we were able to scale our advertising and spending rapidly. Taking a multichannel approach to advertising allows us to generate hype and convert on the customers intent. When we ran ads for this account, we targeted our audiences across Facebook, Instagram & Google. Implementing a number of retargeting and personalisation tactics allowed us to minimise shopping cart abandonment and target return visitors. 


So what did we do to scale? Scaling is often confused with spending lots of money quickly to acquire customers and increase sales. The problem with doing this is it often tanks after a short amount of time. 

Our approach to scaling is different. We use data, insight, expertise and caution to scale our clients. When we scale, we monitor the data, test our results & scale incrementally to help our clients to achieve long term success. 

By taking this approach, we’re able to deliver ongoing, repeatable results over the long term. Increasing spending gradually from a low budget means that when customers’ results increase we’re dealing with a much higher return on ad spend than some of our competitors. In the example given here, we’ve consistently seen an average ROAS of up to 6X.

While we’re immensely proud of our ongoing successes, strong, engaging ads are only part of the plan. For our clients to succeed, it’s crucial that they have an equally engaging website and user experience. 

Grow your e-commerce business with I Will Build Agency

 Thankfully, we’re able to provide that also. We believe a full-service agency should truly be a complete service. By providing our clients with everything from website builds and optimisation to marketing, branding, social media management and customer relationship management, we are truly a full-service agency.

To find out how we can help your business, please contact our team and let’s have a chat.

Case Study  – Kaiko Fidgets

Case Study – Kaiko Fidgets

How a site refresh increased Kaiko Fidgets revenue by 1153% Amid COVID-19

Before Covid-19, market stalls and conferences were Kaiko Fidgets main focus. Find out how we helped this Aussie company take its face-to-face selling platform online, increasing its revenue by 1153%.



Kaiko Fidgets is a family-based business located in Melbourne, Australia, and is co-founded by 13-year-old Kai, who is both on the spectrum and is dyslexic. Their story begins in 2017 when Kai found himself in need of a fidget to help him focus. Kai found there was very little available except the standard spinners, so started making his own fidgets. Within a very short time, people were asking Kai where he got his creations. With the help of his mum Jo, who’s an Occupational Therapist, Kai has now created designs to suit a wide range of needs. 


Today, Kaiko Fidgets specialise in a range of discrete and noiseless fidgets, for both adults & kids to assist with mental health, anxiety & focus. Their diverse range of fidgets, hand rollers and spikies help to reduce picking and harm, rhythmic stimming, and provide soft soothing. Kiako Fidgets offer an extensive range of sensory products by carefully sourcing and selecting complementary merchandise to their Australian made fidgets.

The challenge: find another source of income – quickly


The small business rapidly grew and Kai’s parents quit their jobs to help Kai with the rising demand for their products. Pre COVID-19, the primary source of sales was markets and conferences with a small number of online sales.  As lockdowns came into place across Australia, all markets and conferences were cancelled. Kaiko Fidgets faced their biggest challenge, finding another platform to sell their products on.

 The co-owner, Jo with limited knowledge of online sales, originally built their Shopify store. Jo said she was embarrassed to tell people about her store but didn’t know what to do to improve it or who to trust.

 With their previous website not up for the challenge, they turned to I Will Build Agency for help.  In June 2020 Kaiko Fidgets engaged I Will Build Agency to rebuild and relaunch its website and engaged their services as an eCommerce manager. 

The solution: create a robust platform to future-proof their business


Kaiko Fidgets was rebuilt on the Shopify Platform, with branding consistent across the site. Kaiko Fidgets had quite a large email list but had never sent out any emails, as they didn’t know what to do with the list. 

We helped Kaiko unlock one of their most valuable business assets. Before launch, we set up a robust email flow and series using Klaviyo along with a template to send out regular emails.

Reviews were extremely important for Kaiko Fidgets. As a way of building trust, reviews are an excellent way to confirm product quality and  After examining a range of options, we chose Loox. Loox provides an automated email system that allows customers to upload photos of their products and leave reviews. 

The new site was launched on July 11th, Kai’s 14th birthday with an email campaign going out as well as Instagram and Facebook posts. The result was a 325% increase in sales in just that first month. 


Faced with a potentially catastrophic situation, Kaiko Fidgets decided to take the opportunity to pivot their business and they have not looked back. 

Three months after the site relaunch: 

  • Online revenue has increased to over 1153% and continues to grow month on month 
  • Engaging email flows and campaigns have helped generate an additional 12% of the overall revenue 
  • The conversion rate on-site increased from 4.08% to 5.56%
  • Average order value increased by 71% 
  • Retarget marketing commenced and saw a ROI of 481% 
  • A Media Release to a major online platform saw what they previously did in 1 month, achieve in 1 day
  • Influencers have been bought on to now promote products 
  • Wholesale options (B2B) was introduced with the new launch and currently match online sales 

Discussing the impact of I Will Build’s innovation including e-commerce management on Kaiko Fidgts, Jo Seymon, co-owner summed it up by saying:

“We were blown away with the results and could not have achieved this without Lisa & Will”

What is next for Kaiko Fidgets?


With amazing growth results in a short period, Kaiko Fidgets have had to re-evaluate their systems and processes so they can sustain their growth. They have now employed additional staff to assist with packaging and let Jo and Kai focus on the business.    

As Kiako Fidgets look to expand internationally, the brand recognised a need to increase their awareness. They are now working with I Will Build to coordinate and start marketing across both Facebook and on Google.  We look forward to watching their business grow and expand further internationally.  

Grow your e-commerce business with I Will Build Agency


As a wholistic e-commerce agency, we understand the requirements of both new and established businesses. We can offer not only new builds, website refreshes but can also maintain your store. In addition, we offer a range of marketing solutions including email marketing and search engine optimisation.  

To find out how we can help your business, please contact our team and let’s have a chat.