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If you’ve ever wondered how websites are born, you’re about to get an idea of how!

Behind the friendly interface and smooth scroll, is an individual with years of experience creating websites from scratch.

There are a lot of ways in which an individual interacts with a website and it is the developer’s responsibility to assume as many scenarios as they can in order to create a website that functions properly.

From this alone, one can see how many hours it takes in order to put one up online but in this fast-growing age, came the birth of AI. Its many features present the possibility of cutting the gruelling effort in half but does it also present a danger to humans? Will an AI’s efficiency take away the human touch in web development?

According to Irving Gil and Darwin Recruitment, not necessarily.

Here are the ways in which AI can help web development, and ways that humans can maintain a healthy boundary with this new technology.

AI is being adapted for various industries, including Web Development

As previously mentioned, AI has the capability to reduce the amount of time it takes to build a website – what takes days or even months to complete becomes done in a matter of hours. The AI doesn’t just take care of the build, it also curates relevant content for your audience and makes it easier to nurture them for conversions.

This can be helpful if you are a web developer that has a ton of projects on their plate and wants to avoid burning out so fast.

AI has many advantages over human web developers

Aside from its efficiency and a keen eye for identifying relevant content, AI is also capable of making websites more functional and consistent in terms of branding and user experience. This is possible due to its access to information from all over the internet and used to appeal to your target audience and build loyalty.

AI can’t replace front-end developers

AI is capable of doing more things within web development and beyond, but the reason why it can’t replace web developers is that it lacks the human intuition to understand the business at a core level and identify problems within. Looking at it this way, AI is miles and miles ahead in figuring out patterns within data and automating tasks to make the most out of time. Meanwhile, humans are fluent in addressing current problems and perceiving potential ones and creating strategies to address them.


At the end of the day, AI can only be in support of web developers to shoulder some of those menial or repetitive tasks out of their day so that they can focus more on what matters most. It’s certainly an exciting time to be having this kind of technology but don’t forget that you can rely on your instincts to make sure the end product truly addresses a need.